Sabona® Copper Magnetic Wristband (S/M)

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  • Sabona® is the original manufacturer of copper bracelets going back to 1959 and now also manufactures high quality magnetic bracelets.  
  • Feel the benefit of both copper & magnets !
  • Sabona® copper is 99.9% pure. 
  • Our copper wristband is stylish and works for every day wear.   
  • This copper wristband also features two 1700 gauss magnets.  
  • The magnets are concealed on the inside tips of the bracelet.  Please note that copper bracelets do wear and tarnish due to oxidization.   A transfer of green colouring onto your skin is normal and can be washed off easily (copper is absorbed through the skin).   

$19.99 $18.99

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