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Glass Medicine Droppers (2) Kids Medic

  • Calibrated and sterilizable
  • Bulbs can be removed for easy cleaning
  • Not recommended for oral dosing of infants or children
  • Two per package
  • Durable, high quality, made in USA

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Oral Medication Dispenser + tube (10mL)

  • 10mL oral medication dispenser is calibrated in mL's and tsp's for accurate dosing.
  • Tube for easy extraction of medication from Rx bottles.
  • Made in USA and Canada.

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Medicine Droppers (2) Kids Medic

  • Contains two plastic medicine droppers, two sizes: 3mL & 5mL.
  • Calibrated for easy dosing.
  • Bulbs can be removed for cleaning.
  • Value pack.
  • High quality plastics, made in USA.

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Nasal Aspirator (1 oz) Kids Medic

  • Gently removes nasal congestion from babies and infants.
  • Contoured tip for easy use.
  • Tip can be removed to simplify cleaning.
  • Latex fee and sterilizable.
  • High quality and durable, made in USA and Germany.

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Ear Syringe Kids Medic (1oz)

  • Seamless bulb won`t trap bacteria.
  • Ribbed finish for gripping.
  • Latex fee.
  • Sterilizable.
  • Made in USA.

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Lice Comb Metal

  • Stainless steel pins.
  • Works on all hair types.
  • Long pins for thick or thin hair.
  • Contoured handle to improve grip.

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Lice Combs Plastic (2)

  • Two styles. 
  • Removes head lice and their eggs. 
  • Both combs are patented designs.

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